How to get the most from you graphic designer

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I am skilled at channeling your ideas so that your custom graphic design captures your spirit and articulates your vision. How do we collaborate to do this?

Initial Meeting In Person or on Skype

I’m a great believer in putting our heads together when we start chatting about your graphic design. That way can explore what you’re looking for and nod enthusiastically when we’re steaming ahead or shake your heads when ideas veer a bit off the mark.

Having an exchange like this really gets the juices going and ensures we’re headed in the right direction.


Bring Your Ideas

If possible have a bit of a think before we get together so your ideas are in order.

Perhaps your have a collection of visuals you like: you’re drawn to the color in this photo and the style of a particular logo, you like the type of typeface in this advert.

Whatever it might be – bring it along and you’ll have a collection if images to show me that gives me an idea of where you’re headed for your graphic design.

Using your words
You might prefer to communicate your ideas with words. Tell me what’s on your mind. Lets explore your thinking, whether it’s fuzzy or in focus.

Don’t panic – this is not a test and there are no right answers! It’s a freeform exploration of your ideas. We will go from there.

Katherine's-Wedding-invitatation-webHow do you like to communicate?

I like our first discussion to be face to face so we can get to know each other and engage with the ideas together. But after that, questions about the graphic designs will come up and we will discuss the evolution of your project. How do you like to do that?

  • Some people like to sit down and read an e-mail in their own time, mulling it over and absorbing the points.
  • You might prefer to chat over the phone/Skype or meet up, getting to the heart of the way forward immediately.


Chances are your ideas will evolve, which is why I put two edit rounds in our process. Don’s lose heart – it’s all part of how this works. I’m of the opinion that there’s every reason to spend time trying things and seeing what happens. That way we will be satisfied with what we achieve and avoid any ‘what ifs’.


I’m here to create a long term relationship. I want my clients to have the best possible experience with me as we work on your graphic design. Let me know if you have other ideas to add to the smoothness of our collaboration.