Changes in Graphic Design and the retro look – Stork Margarine and ‘The Art of Home Cooking’

The Art of Home Cooking

Graphic design is always changing. Sometimes it’s style driven – Art Deco gave way to Mid-Centry Modern and Mad Men trends. Technology also plays a part in how graphic design evolves. Advances in photography, the cost of printing – these all affect the designs we see. Just feast your eyes on the cover of this Stork margarine recipe book.

Stork margarine has long been a name brand in the UK. Stork’s parent company says The Art of Home Cooking was published in 1954, when Second World War rationing in the UK finally ended. The stork looks quite fetching as he doffs his hat while disembarking from his lean wartime journey. It’s also full of fabulous Nineteen Fifties Brit writing style.

Stork Margarine Inside Front

The aim was to get housewives to put on their pinnies and re-discover Stork – what better way than through a glossy cookbook. By today’s standards, this is not food porn but the design and photos are typical of high end food photography for the time.

The Art of Home Cooking Cover

I must say theĀ  following centerfold spread does look delish. I think I could manage anything on that page.

The Art of Home Cooking Centerfold

What baked delights do you remember from your childhood that are no longer popular – or are making a comeback? My husband was just mentioning to me that lemon squares were on the upswing again.

Nostalgia plays an important role in graphic design. This photo in The Art of Home Cooking reminded me how much I miss cream horns – an Afternoon Tea treat from my childhood. I remember the bliss of the flaky, crunchy shell giving way to soft, luscious cream.

Sandwich Cakes Page

Whether your look is retro and evocative or fresh and modern, I can help you evoke your style. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get cooking.