Titanic Themed Halloween Party


Are you a history buff? A Titanic themed Halloween party is just the ticket.  I’ve designed an invitation that’s almost a replica of a first class ticket. I like its clean lines and elegant style. Here’s the original – the only surviving first class ticket!

Only surviving first class ticket – Merseyside Maritime Museum

I did consider using the boarding pass, but in the end, decided I wanted less ornate, so went with the ticket. The boarding pass was used at a museum exhibit. When you entered the exhibit, you were given it along with details of a passenger. At the end, you found out if ‘your’ passenger survived.

Thinking more about your Titanic Halloween party, you might like to have a menu similar to what was served on the Titanic – or perhaps not, as our tastes have changed. It was a typical upper crust Edwardian dinner, with many courses – exactly what the first class passengers would have expected.

To round out the Titanic Halloween party suite, I designed a menu that you could fill out and a blank card for those unanticipated needs


I even made a sample menu to whet your appetite.


Have I got your Halloween juices going? You can download this Titanic party Halloween suite here, directly from my Etsy store or get in touch with me for a custom design.