Art Deco Great Gatsby Wedding Invitations

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Don’t put away your glam dancing frocks yet – Art Deco and the Great Gatsby are still all the rage for weddings. Who can wonder why – it’s an elegant and sophisticated look with some glitz, glitter, and shine to give it an extra touch of pizzazz.

Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby got everyone putting on their dancing shoes. It does what he does best – creates a luscious world, one in which we can lose ourselves. The art direction takes much from the style of the period and then takes off light a flight of fancy. It’s vintage Baz Luhrmann  – and it showcases who he is as a director.

His world has a bit more shine and glitz than the nineteen thirties. It has bit ‘more’ in general – Art Deco grand opera style. The architectural looking features of Art Deco that we all love are more intense and are bolder in Baz Luhrmann’s hands. It’s almost a technicolor world. It’s a visual feast.

When we look at Baz Luhrmann’s Art Deco and we look at Art Deco itself, they are not the same. Compare The Great Gatsby art direction to that of the BBC’s Poirot. Both have garnered great praise for their Art Deco visualization, with justification. But they are very different.

Baz Luhrmann transports us with a new take on Art Deco. It is a visual feast that delights contemporary tastes. No wonder it’s still all the rage for wedding invitations. You can have this luscious Great Gatsby wedding suite personalized through my Etsy site.

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