Custom Design for Paperless Post and Evites

Basic RGB

Did you know you can use a custom design for Paperless Post? This is great news for those of us leaning towards an evite. You can still make the invitation stand out and reflect your occasion.

Recently I designed an exciting invitation for a book signing being sent using Paperless Post. The book is amazing by the way – and I adored the book cover design. I kept its wonderful bold and crisp look and continued with the water theme, echoing the struggle and tumultuousness of  Katrina – and the author’s personal journey. I think it’s arresting and in tone with the book cover.

As you can see, the design itself doesn’t have contain a lot of the event details – these go elsewhere when you upload the design onto Paperless Post. this means you can have a nice clean design. In fact, I toyed with a design that had less text, but in the end opted for a bit more info.

Want to cause a splash with the evite to your next event? Let’s have a chat about a custom design.