Leap Year Proposals

Leap Year Proposals

No matter how modern we are and how much we believe in equality, there’s something romantic about a leap year proposal isn’t there? Perhaps it’s the excitement of a woman asking her fella to marry her on a specific day that only comes round once every four years. Exclusivity has such allure.

The tradition of leap year proposals are steeped in lore, which adds a lovely touch of mystery. Are you being mysterious about your proposal – lots of hushed conversations and suppressed excitement about how it will all come off? Here are a few ideas that I like to whet your appetite:

Hidden in Plain Sight – some museums will let you hide a card or a ring in one of the cases. Imagine the two of you looking at the display when he catches sight of your card asking him to marry you.

A Romantic Weekend – and a deal – We all love a bargain, so if you’re planning a weekend lovely away to pop the question ask around hotels – some give discounts off your wedding or have other incentives.

Intimacy – in the end nothing says intimate more than a breakfast in bed proposal. It’s fully about the just the two of you and the life you will forge together.

Whether you’re taking advantage of leap year to propose to your chap – or if you plan to pop the question on any date – contact me to be part of your wonderful plans by designing a card asking your beau to marry you.