Website Illustration – visual vocabulary and narrative

Sometimes you want your website visuals to be more like illustrations rather than web design. Recently I’ve designed a couple of illustrations for a client who is re-branding. He has a health coaching company so it’s important for his ideas and process to be presented visually as well as in words and for both to work together re-enforcing each other. We came up with this for a core part of his process:

CREATE LogoWe wanted to evoke energy, movement, joy: this is not about denial. I used the green from his website and liked the idea of having the figures in the sun cast a shadow that very loosely spells CREATE. He can use the acronym with or without its phrases, so it’s versatile. The look is upbeat,¬†cheerful, and inviting, very much in keeping with his branding. We’ve been told it’s ‘hopeful, clear, appealing’ – just the ticket.

Another important aspect of his process is the 5R’s – the mainstay of what’s important in life. We wanted something circular, to show there’s no order to evolving these aspects of our life and also to re-enforce that you will probably work on more then one at one time. We then wondered what to put in the center of that circle – why CREATE of course: it’s through CREATE that you improve the 5R’s. We made it into a note on a cork board – to signify that this should become part of your life, your routine – the visual says that it’s like having a reminder up at home.

5RS Create

How can your visuals re-enforce your ideas and help create a visual narrative? Let me help you find the right visual vocabulary and look.