Rooftop Yoga and an Inspirational Haiku


Yoga haiku

Recently I’ve been reveling in rooftop yoga. I’m an early riser, so I head up to the roof of our building first thing and do a short yoga practice before the day gets too hot and starts to wilt. There’s a keenness to the air, an expectation that bodes well for the day. Sometimes there a slight breeze, always there’s the changing geography of the sky. Occasionally a few drops of rain remind me that to get out of my comfort zone.  Birds zip about – some cheeky sparrows and a starling couple make frequent appearances. The starlings appear to have a pretty typical couple relationship – sometimes running about together, sometimes chasing each other. I find them endlessly entertaining.

All this combines to create a practice that is an expansive and heart-warming start to the day. It opens my mind as well as my body and my senses come alive. The other day I was inspired to write a Haiku, which I then made into an image to evoke the experience.

It’s so hard in our rushing world to carve out that little bit of time but so rewarding when you can. What is your equivalent of my 20 minutes of yoga in the morning to set up my day well? How do you relax and recharge? How do you tap into your own creativity? Maybe you hanker after a glass of wine in a relaxing bath, the soothing water and slow sipping taking away the worries of the day. Perhaps you enjoy cooking – the chopping and stirring and the aromas can be very soothing for some people, myself included. And then with cooking there’s the reward of a delicious dinner – or even a great failure that becomes family lore. We all still chuckle at the famous time friend’s mother, a wonderful cook, came in bearing a baked Alaska with much fanfare. We all eagerly cut into the meringue to find out she’d forgotten the ice-cream. A story never to be lived down!

What do you do to feel relaxed and comfortable in your own skin?