Layout for grabbing your audience

Posters, presentations, brochures and books should not look dull.
Through the power of layout they should engage your audience.

There’s a particular skill to creating dynamic and engaging layout.
Lets work together to make sure that your layout is doing you justice.

Beginning our examples with a classic:

The ‘before’ on the left of this dull one page flier was professionally designed.

The ‘after’ has almost exactly the same information but hums with dynamism.

Before and after

How did Jeff and I crate such a dynamic flier from the static original?

  • We banished the large blocks of text – they are uninviting and don’t draw the eye. Important information gets lost as the eye bounces off the chunks of text.
    • break out the text, giving some parts of the text greater weight.
  • We ditched the strong horizontal lines going across the whole page – this is a red light to the eye and stops it dead, never to continue.
    • ¬†draw the eye across the page, guiding it.
  • We switched up shapes – the original had almost all oblong shapes in every design element which resulted in a lack of variation.
    • create different text, color and white space shapes which are lively and engage the eye.

Creating a dynamic booklet

A booklet Jeff and I created for marketing using his text is engaging and really holds your attention. We did this with the same principles as we used in the poster.

And lots of visuals Рwe used  the illustrations I created for him and wove in some of his wonderful photos.

Book Cover

Interior of the Pamphlet

To create cohesion, we began and ended each section with the same visual, which also re-enforced the section. The visuals and the text should work in tandem and build on each other.

Section End 1

Section End 2

Section End 3

And finally, Jeff’s stall at a health fair, showing the wonderful designs we’ve created.

Jeff at Health Fair