The Spaces in Between – The Importance of White Space

Haven’t you looked at a graphic design and had it leave you feeling cramped? Or perhaps it makes you walk away off kilter, unbalanced. There are significant, yet small, elements of design that come together to create a successful overall effect. It’s often the spaces in between – the white space – that count.

I just had a lovely time strolling trough the National Gallery Sculpture Garden. It’s only a few minutes walk from home, so I go there quite a bit and enjoy wandering around and sitting people watching. This time I didn’t so much focus on the sculptures themselves as some of the spaces in between.

Patterns and repetition are pleasing. They create harmony and balance – grounding us and welcoming us in at the same time.

Sculpture Gallery Garden FenceSculpture Gallery Garden Fence Pillar

These white spaces can be used to draw the eye and carve out space, defining it. In fact, it can take a visual into the third dimension.


Interesting Building Structure Interesting Building Structure Detail

It’s really all about relationships. Take this sculpture by Tony Smith (that’s the National Archives in the background).

Structures and Sculpture in a Park

These are straightforward geometrical shapes that might very well just hang out there on their own not even talking to each other. They could even have been strangers. Yet there’s a cohesion. It’s how they are placed – the way the are facing, how they point when they come out of the ground. It’s also where they are placed in relation to each other. There’s an energy between these shapes. What do you feel when you look at them? Is there something you should feel? They’re called Wandering Rocks. What does that mean to you?

Just like in life, in graphic design we need to pay attention to the spaces in between. I can help you make sure we do that in your design.