Color Choice and Showcasing Who You Are

Recently I’ve been working on a website refresh and enjoying the diversity of styles and atmosphere in my logo and branding work. When you showcase your company visually, the colors you choose set the tone. Colors make statements about Who You Are as a business. This is what I do – I listen to who you are and we capture that visually.

Rustic – Simle Joyful Yoga Logo

Simple Joyful Yoga Logo


This rust shade of red is – well – rustic. Simple Joyful Yoga studio is in Harper’s Ferry and is surrounded by the Appalachians. It’s rural and beautiful, which makes sense as much of traditional yoga is connected to nature. So a rustic approach was a natural. Combining the rust color with teal made for an inviting feel. It creates a warm atmosphere that beckons you in, everyone welcome.

Elegant and High End – The Stylish Look of Salon Gerard

Salon Gerard

The shimmering bronze and gold colors in Salon Gerard’s logo evoke unselfconscious elegance, a polish that is effortless. This hair salon is not for the blue rinse and set crowd or for a hip young thing with a sharp cut. When you venture into Salon Gerard, you may possibly come out oh so Parisien.

Bright and Cheery – Who You Get with Active, Fit, and Healthy

CREATE at Health Fair

Jeff Hughes wanted to use illustrations to show visually his process guiding his health coaching clients. When we met to discuss this, Jeff said he wanted the visuals to be bright and sunny and cheerful. Living life this way was fun – not a drag! So often living a ‘good’ life seems to people like penance. These colors capture Jeff: he is enthusiastic and upbeat, supportive and encouraging with boundless energy. These colors are the style you get when he coaches you.

It’s a great skill to be able to evoke someone’s heartbeat visually, and color plays an important role. I spend valuable time chatting with with clients and brainstorming so that their colors speak to who they are. Let’s experiment with color together.