Inspirational Quote Design


Isn’t it refreshing to look up and see an inspirational quote on a wall or sitting on your desk? It brings you back to yourself, to what’s important. For just a moment, you’re away from the headlong busyness of the day and are reminded of the bigger picture. Then you can return to the nuts and bolts of life feeling revived.

I’m doing a yoga teacher training program and was moved to create this design, seen resting against a Buddha head that also inspires me. I love being reminded of the importance of breathing and the mind – body connection. I find being truly present incredibly important and strive to be a close listener. When I look up and see that quote and with it the two yoga postures it’s a reminder of what is important to me and where I am headed. You can download this design from my Etsy store.

What inspires you – what quote captures this inspiration? I love typography and would love to work with you imagining a design to illustrate an inspirational quote. Let me help you create an inspirational design that will leave you feeling in tune and refreshed every time you look at it.