About Antonia

Graphic Designer Antonia Balazs The written and the visual are entwined in my life. I’m now a Washington DC graphic designer. I grew up in a household that was both academic and artistic and enjoyed messing about with paints in an old barn that was a respected artist’s studio. I dined formally at my father’s posh Parisian club, housed in a Rothschild palace and had cups of tea with Oxford Dons. I saw my mother enchanting the dusty College High Table with her wit and style and tried to emulate her.  All normal to me.


My parents had a quite a large Picasso print hanging on the wall. There were a number of women with their hands up in the air and dark trees – similar to his ‘Nudes in the Forest’. This print had lots of angles and strong black strokes which drew me in. When I was five my father found me studying it and asked what I saw. Thus started a lifelong dialogue about art and with art:

  • what attracted me and why,
  • what I didn’t understand and why,
  • what I thought was rubbish and why.


Graphic Designer Antonia Balazs PortraitMy home is two blocks from the National Gallery and a short walk to many other Smithsonian Museums. I am fortunate to be able to pop into such institutions for inspiration and creative nourishment.


Although I have always had the heartbeat of the visual I also cherish writing. My life took me into history and I received a Masters Degree from Oxford. Since then, one of the ways I practice this profession is writing corporate histories. This helped hone me in so many ways.


Something was missing in my professional life, and this was the visual. A balance was off kilter and needed fixing. I took in a course in graphic design at the Corcoran College that opened up a wellspring in me and then backed that up with courses at Parsons. The result is creating balance and power.


My work will see through to your vision and even create your aspiration. Antonia Designs will do this is a way that is convenient to your own preferred style of communication. You can rest easy that working with me will be a delight and you will walk away with a product that is the last word.

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