Sparkling Holiday Card

Sparkling Holiday Card

Continuing the holiday card theme, this week I’m highlighting a glittery, sparkly holiday card that’s full of style, verve and panache. It’s sure to catch your eye. The black background makes the design really pop and keep it clean looking. I love the red and sparkly accent on the typography – just a bit of fun. The comet/shooting star is a great finishing touch – it gives smashing movement and depth to the design.

My designs shoot for the stars – and I feel like this one gets there … literally. What elements do you like in a holiday card design? Are you also all about sparkle? Do you like a vintage feel? Is having something iconic like ornaments or snowflakes a must?

Holiday Cards Everywhere

I’ve been busy designing Holiday Cards – it’s really getting me into the spirit. There’s Holiday Cards everywhere and I’d like to share with you a couple of cards I’ve been creating.

A nice change from a holiday card is a New Year’s card! This client wanted something sparkly with movement, a design that was modern but harked back to old style books and adverts. She also wanted a card that she could use both professionally and personally with only small tweaks. We put our heads together and came up with this delightful little numero:

Holiday Cards Everywhere

A totally different note is this card I designed for an arborist! His logo and vibe is fun and bright so I wanted to incorporate that. At the same time, he loved the classy look of this vintage card I designed last year:


I worked on creating the right vibe for this arborist and here’s what I designed – I think it successfully combines the cheerful and bright nature with the classy element. There was decision to be made about monochrome …

Holiday Cards Everywhere

… or keeping the logos colors. We went for this one:

Holiday Card Everywhere

Different people have different styles – what we say visually speaks of who we are. A custom. bespoke Holiday Card from Antonia Designs will capture your spirit – so that when you send it out, it has pride of place on the mantelpiece.


Business Card Design Details

Business Card Design Details

Scott came to me to design a business card for his new coaching company. He already had a fantastic logo and knew the tone he wanted to set for the card. What are Scott’s business card design details?

Scott told me he wanted something that was professional and had gravitas. He wanted to to be modern and sleek – clean and crisp. He also wanted the card to be two-sided, with one side having only the logo. Scott gave me helpful guidance.

I used the same gorgeous colors and the same typeface as the logo. As you can tell from the colors, Scott knows his onions and is professional, but he has flair and panache too. I wanted to underscore this on the business card – to take those colors and run with them. Did you notice the colored lines after o and c for his phone numbers?
Business Card Design Details

Scott loves the lines along the edge of the card. I told him that to me they felt like ‘cufflinks’ – they added a bit of a personality on the ‘blue typography’ suit. The blue made for great typography in his ‘gravitas’ vision – but carrying on the suit metaphor, the little pops of color are a flash of the lining. We all love unexpected lining in a suit!

A business card depends on typography and you know how I love that. The balance of the card and flow of where the eye is drawn right is paramount. The other main element is the logo and its placement. I gave him two options – on one, the logo was exactly centered and on the other it was just slightly lower than center. I was not surprised that Scott chose the one slightly lower than center. Our eye feels more comfortable with a bit more room at the top than at the bottom of a design. The harmony of these elements, and the way the lines along the top and bottom of the card unite the two sides, all create a cohesive design.

Sometimes it’s the small and understated elements that elevate a design, in this case the design relied on harmony, balance and color in a way that is straightforward but gets its pop and extra essence from those small details. It captures Scott’s company.

I am able to tap into who you are and understand your vision so that your design captures your own essence.

Holiday Card Offer

holiday card offer

I love receiving holiday cards – don’t most people? It’s wonderful to see the kaleidoscope of different styles thrown together as you put them out. Somehow the cards all work in harmony – in keeping with the spirit of the season. Take advantage of my Holiday Card Offer.

There’s nothing quite like designing you own holiday card yet choices can be overwhelming. Here are some things to consider:

Family Photo

A lovely family snapshot or professional photo is a perennial favorite – and for good reason. A family photo makes everyone smile.

Then of course you need to choose a surround for your photo … .


We’ve developed quite a visual language around the holiday season – there’s ornaments (or baubles as they’re called in the UK), Santa, Sleighs and Reindeer, snowflakes, holly, robins in the UK … the list goes on and on. I designed this holiday card for a talented ice skater

Holiday Card Offer



What’s your style? Do you hanker after something vintage and nostalgic – like that Victorian little boy and his mother gazing longingly in the shop window? Do you like something folksy? Or are you drawn the contemporary?

Perspective and Wording

Your wording should match the card design – say a dove and the word Peace, or a family photo with Merry and Bright. Perhaps you want to do something a bit different and send New Year’s cards as your holiday greeting – these have become quite popular.

Take advantage of Antonia Designs holiday card offer and I’ll help you design a card that will delight your family and friends.

Recharge and smell the roses

Recharge and Smell the Roses
Yesterday was a dreary day – it was raining and miserable. My friend and I decided to meet up at a new tea place – Pansaari. The owner, Rano, is from India – Jaipur to be exact. She’s aimed to create this city’s ‘slower pace and a seasonal rhythm’.  The home page of their website encourages everyone to stop in and say hi. We did just that. What a way to recharge and smell the roses

It was a pleasure to enter this jewel. It’s bright and welcoming on a miserable day with the intoxicating aroma of the spices they sell. You can see their wonderful space in this blog post. We tootled up to the chai bar. I enjoyed a freshly ground and traditionally made marsala chai – the extra spicing immensely warm and cheering. My friend had green darjeeling. It was served in a teapot with a colorful tea cozy and jewel of a cup an saucer, both sitting on a beautiful inlaid counter.

We sipped our tea and relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company. Rano came over to chat. We talked about how mostly we don’t take time time to savor our meals but grab a paper cup of coffee and bolt. I looked a my half full glass cup of chai with its tantalizing aroma. It sat next to the jewel blue and gold cup with steaming green darjeeling. I felt myself unwind.

The three of us agreed that tea is a slow drink, just right for unwinding. There’s something about it that affects you. Maybe it’s the ritual surrounding tea – the boiling the water and letting the pot steep – but you can feel it going down your body in the most wonderful way. It helps me relax and unwind. Perhaps it affects you differently.

W.H.  Davies begins his poem Leisure in this way:

What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare?

and concludes it’s a poor life.

We lead frenetic lives – rushing to the next task as soon as we’ve taken care of one responsibility and feeling such pressure to juggle so many things. What do you do to slow down and smell the roses? How do you savor life and take a bit of ‘me time’? I find that a relaxing cup of tea with good company in lovely surroundings not only helps me recharge, it’s invaluable to my own creative process.

Interior Design and Graphic Design

Interior Design and Graphic Design

The view from where I work

Recently the intersection of interior design and graphic design has been consuming my thoughts. It all started when I went to the Andrew Wyeth exhibit at the National Gallery. His paintings are of intimate interiors – and even intimate exteriors. The exhibition shows studies for his painting that illuminate how Wyeth pared down and arranged the composition of his interiors. His paintings are at the same time cerebral and natural. What brings together Interior Design and Graphic Design.

How do you go about the interior of your home – or your workplace? You’re probably like me and aim for your home to be a retreat to relax and inspire. Do you go hunting in vintage shops, exclaiming over item after item? Do you breeze though Crate and Barrel creating a homogeneous look? Do you click around getting lost in discovery?

How do you create the atmosphere you crave? It will not surprise you to hear that I’m all eclectic and all about color and texture. The view from where I work has crazy chairs, tea and dancing graphics, vintage lamps and books – lots of books. Also windows – if possible I like to see outside when I’m working. It all creates a warm, welcoming, fuzzy feel.

Though that’s my personal look, I appreciate different vibes – minimalist, ornate etc. I’ve been obsessing with design blogs in the past few weeks and it’s fueled my vision and my passion. Isn’t it easy to get all tunnel visioned and not let other areas inform your own niche? I’m reminded of how much richer I am for varied experiences. A richness that I bring to my graphic designs.

When you’re creating a meaningful graphic design there’s a vision that will speak to who you are. How do you tap into it? One way to start to articulate that vision is through your home or decor – actual or inspirational. Let me help you capture your heartbeat in your graphic design.

Thank you card visuals

We all love receiving hand written thank you cards. It makes us stand out from the pack. There’s no need to dread sending them. They can be short and sincere – there are guidelines to help, like this blog I wrote on writing thank you cards for you wedding gifts. But what should be your thank you card visuals?

Your Visual Representation

To make the process a breeze, have stamps – and a box of thank you cards on hand. A thank you card is also a visual representation of who you are. What better way to make this statement than to have one designed for you.

Personal Thank You Cards

When your friends and family have given you pressies at say your wedding or milestone birthday, you can use a photo from the occasion or a design which will make your loved ones smile and think it’s so ‘you’. I’m a bold, colorful, exuberant, fine arts person so I love sending out this thank you card. Did you notice the homage to my often-mentioned Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Rose and Teardrop design?

Thank you card visuals

Professional thank you cards

We all know we’re supposed to send a thank you card for a job interview, but what about sending them for other occasions? I recently sent a card thanking someone for introducing me to a great group I’m enjoying. You could thank someone for meeting with you. When you do that, it makes quite a positive impression. If you’re worried that your thank you card will take too long to arrive in the mail – make it into an e-card that you can include inline in the body of the e-mail.

Sending a thank you card is also another opportunity to show who you are visually. This is a great thank you card for a winery – rustic with handsome grapes and leaves.

Thank you card visuals

How about something sleek and contemporary?Thank you card visuals

Whatever your vibe, let me help you design a thank you card. Then you’ll have a box of them on-hand to wow people effortlessly.

Child’s birthday party invitations

Child's birthday party invitations

Child's birthday party invitations

Children get so excited about their birthday party and are passionate about what they like. One year it’s all about monkeys, the next dinosaurs rule the world. Let you – and them – be part of the process in helping to create a brilliant custom children’s birthday party invitation. It’ll be so much fun.

The invitation introduces the guests to the theme – so first you and the birthday child have to decide where you’re headed.

Things to think about are:

  • your theme – hopefully this won’t be a tug of war between you and your birthday treasure
  • what colors you want to highlight – soft watercolor, primary or …
  • your style – whimsy, pizzazz, or …
  • the text – are you going to stick to the details or do you want to play around a bit?

Whether you’re looking for, I’ll help channel your ideas into a delightful invitation your guests are sure to give pride of place and you’re sure to want to frame and put on the wall.

What other stationary do you need for your party? We can put our heads together over plates, stickers, tags – really make sure that you showcase your amazing birthday design. We could even make a pin the tail on the monkey – wouldn’t that be grand!

Beautiful Informational e-mail for Bar Mitzvahs and other milestones

Erez's Bar Mitzvah

There are so many details when you’re hosting a milestone event like a Bar Mitzvah or a Baptism. You’ve got directions to the service and subsequent lunch and parties. Perhaps you’ve reserved a block of rooms at a local hotel for out of town guests. Now you just have to let guests know – but how to make it festive so it marks the occasion. This sort of information is just right for a beautiful informational e-mail for Bar Mitzvahs and other milestones

The watchword here is ‘informational’. The main point is for details to be clear. Of course the e-mail can also be gorgeous but you should keep it streamlined. I like the idea of a textured background – that gives something visually to sink your teeth into. It acts as an arresting backdrop to the text and adds cohesion to the e-mail.

If you’d like to add any other features – like the Star of David – make sure they’re lean towards a simple decorative motif. You want to keep the design clean – with a lot of text it can quickly look muddled.

Let me help you add delightful design aspects to your informational e-mail that will help it jump off the page.


Raven – Poe Themed Halloween Party Invitation

Raven Poe themed Halloween Party Invitation

Raven Poe themed Halloween Party Invitation

Last week we had ever such a fine time styling a Raven – Edgar Allen Poe themed Halloween party. There were candles, plates, masks, tablecloths and all sorts of other spooky delights. The decor is going to be amazing. Now we just needed an invitation to send out that would set the tone. A raven – Poe Themed Halloween Party Invitation

The black and white aesthetic of the party is elegant with a literary bent and unique feel. So we want the invitation style to be crisp and clean and unusal. The black and white raven feather pattern in the background is just right and the Poe quote sets the tone well.

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

I thought we needed to add a bit of blood. But as always my designs should stand out and not look like others. So the shade of red is not your average blood red – oh no. It’s reminiscent of a young maiden’s blood and just right for bathing or drinking – or both.

DIfferent parties have different looks. If your party was full of jack o lanterns and creepy cackling then you’d want a different type of invitation. One that was full of vibrant color and spooky witches. Whatever your party vibe – l can design a card that captures your uncanny vision.