Styling your Halloween Party – Raven theme

Perhaps it’s because Halloween is just a wee bit naughty, but we all just love it and really get into its  spirit. Are you throwing a Halloween party this year? I’ve been having a cracking good time putting together some ideas for the decor and styling your Halloween party. I’m all about Poe’s Raven this year.  It’s chic, elegant and literary – just up my alley. Styling your Halloween party – raven theme!

Raven Table Cloth

Raven Feather Napkins




I’ve fallen in love with Ben and Brill’s embroideries – they’re so stylish.















Raven Wine Glasses


Everyone is going to enjoy their poison with these glasses. Raven Wine Glasses






I am really drawn to the delicacy of the designs.







Look – a raven pillar candle to shed light on the eerie scene.

Raven Themed Candles

Raven Themed Plate

Raven Themed Platter



What are we going to for for plates?







And serving platters?






Halloween Stamped Flatware



This stamped flatware are just right for eating Halloween nosh.






For a bit of fun, why not have some of these raven masks lying around – you never know what haunting might happen.

Raven Masks

What’s missing? An Antonia Designs invitation, of course. Stay tuned for that, and also visit my Pinterest Halloween board.

Leaf Place-Mats and the color palette

Summer is at an end, the foliage now is beginning to change, and we are starting to see some red, yellows and browns over the countryside. There is something pleasing and nurturing about this palette as we move into fall mode. Leaf place-mats and the color palette choice you make are exciting and important.

Leaf Place-Mats and the color palette

Are you looking for something to do with those divine leaves you gathered? I like to arrange them artfully and then laminate them. This is something you can do as a project with a child. It also creates fun placemats to enjoy every evening, and your children can get a kick out of using something they’ve made.

Enjoy the fall palette – and the importance of color palette in your design concept. Let me help you nail your color palette – and more!

DIY your own wedding stationery suite

DIY your own wedding stationery suite

E-vite to the morning after brunch! Wedding program! These are all aspects of your wedding stationery suite that you can mix and match with other delightful wedding stationery. How do you create a cohesive look so that your stationery captures your wedding heartbeat? How do you make sure it complements and enhances other visual aspects of your wedding such as the venue and the flowers? What elements are involved and how would you DIY your own wedding stationery suite ideas to create a cohesive whole.

Last week we enjoyed a dreamy program for a wedding and how it came together with the day after brunch e-vite. The final piece in this wedding stationery suite is the menu. What elements bring these designs together? What should you consider as you DIY your own wedding suite?


Color brings different parts together visually. Make sure you have colors that work – you can create harmonious or contrasting color combinations. This couple went with gold and blush for an elegant and timeless feel.  We added silver to the text so that the content was a classic silver and gold.


Your designs and colors should harmonize with the venue. It would be jarring to have a red and black Mad Men mod theme in the lush ornateness Brown Palace Hotel. In this case, the gold and blush work very well, as did the choice of typeface.


Choose a typeface that enhances your look. If it’s rustic for a winery venue, you might want something that echoes vines. We chose Snell Roundhand for its smooth elegance and clarity.

Monogram and Visuals

This is the part that brings everything together and really captures the essence of your wedding. The monogram in this suite is stylish in the wedding colors. Here are some tips on how to design your own monogram. You can use your monogram in many different places – napkins, wedding favors – it’s extremely versatile. We used it for the program and for the menu. We didn’t use it on the e-vite as we wanted it to be more casual.

You can bring in other things that are important to you. This couple lives in Denver so we used an evocative mountain skyline in the Program and the e-vite. Think about what’s important to you and how to add it to the visual mix in a way that enhances your overall look.

Looking for some guidance in how to bring all your design elements together – lets get started creating your wonderful wedding stationery.

A Program or Order of Service for your wedding

A Program or Order of Service for your wedding A Program or Order of Service for your weddingWhat different stationary are you going to have for your wedding? A couple can choose which stationery they’d like to include in their day of wedding stationary. A Program or Order of Service for your wedding is generally a must-have. Your program text can go in many directions – especially if you are having a non-religious or a ceremony that includes different religions. If you’re being married in a particular religion, that religion will generally have a set Order of Service. That makes the text straightforward – but you can still be as inventive as you like with the visuals.

This program was to be a simple one-page program, front and back. I designed it to take into account other stationary elements. We used the same typeface – Snell Roundhand – across the board with all the stationary. It’s stylish but legible. So many of the calligraphy typefaces are hard to make out. My watchword is – you have to be able to read the information!

We were enchanted with the idea of having one side of the Program based on the day after the wedding brunch invitation we designed. I incorporated the stylish monogram I’d designed for the bride and groom – anther motif to bear in mind for your wedding look. This design creates a warm and elegant effect. It also fits in very well with the décor and atmosphere where the wedding was being held – the stately Brown Palace Hotel.

Since the visual side was landscape we decided to make the text into two columns on the reverse side, keeping the text landscape. It was a fresh take on a classic Program layout – wedding party on one ‘side’ and ceremony on the other. I also placed the couple’s ‘thank you’ across the whole page, giving it a separate place and re-enforcing the two columns visually. In the end, the text’s white space was arresting and pleasing.

I will work with you to ensure that the design elements of your wedding stationary are connected and harmonious, that they capture your style and your venue’s vibe. Stay tuned for a discussion of the menu at your reception.

Cloth, plexiglass and pop up for alternative wedding invitations

Thinking of doing something daring and alternative for your wedding invitation? We’ve already thought about metal and wood – and Antonia Designs gets ever so excited about new media or viewing paper differently. There are so many things you can use – cloth, plexiglass and pop up for alternative wedding invitations

It seems every time I turn around there’s a wonderful new take on wedding invitations. I love the idea of a hanky wedding invitation. Miss Manners knows you’ll have something to dab your eyes as they become misty over the beauty of it all and how moving it is.Cloth, plexiglass and pop up for alternative wedding invitations

Have you considered a plexiglass invitation?  It could really be the latest in minimalist and monochrome chic. Is your wedding black and white – perhaps a winter wonderland wedding? Just think how a plexiglass invitation would complement the look. Do you think we dare to do the menus in plexiglass!Cloth, plexiglass and pop up for alternative wedding invitations

Finally here’s another fun way to think about paper – pop up! This is lovely for the more whimsical of couples. I see an adorable rustic wedding at park to complement this invitation – with pop up direction signs of course.Cloth, plexiglass and pop up for alternative wedding invitations

Let me be your partner working with you to make a wedding invitation that is really unusual or even cutting edge – or cut out. We’ll create something that will really wow your guests.

Wedding Etiquette – RSVPs, invitation information, thank you cards and even beyond

RSVPs, invitation information, thank you cards and even beyond

We’re right in the middle of wedding season and before the everyone gets too hot under their formal suit collars, it seems a good time to have a round up of some wedding etiquette – RSVPs, invitation information, thank you cards and even beyond

RSVPs were brought to the front of my mind by a great article on the subject in the Boston Globe, written by the communication experts at Ovation Communication. This story really stood out, cutting quite close to the bone.

RSVP rage has yet to be turned into a Hollywood blockbuster, but the issue has reached the Supreme Court. Earlier this summer, Staci Zaretsky, an editor at the legal site Above the Law, wrote about what happened when she invited Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg — whom she admires but has never met — to her July wedding.

“I didn’t think Justice Ginsburg would have the time to RSVP,” Zaretsky wrote. But the justice did in fact respond (she politely declined). As Zaretsky took the opportunity to point out, it was an action that many friends had yet to take.

“P.S.,” she wrote on the website. “A Supreme Court justice took the time to respond to our wedding invitation, and yet we still have 50+ outstanding RSVPs. I hope you have a really good excuse for keeping us waiting, friends.”

RSVPs are such a thorny subject that I’ve written two blog posts on them. Re-acquaint yourself with tips for getting RSVPs and a guide to how to RSVP elegantly.

The couple getting married should also help their guests, making sure that their invitation includes all pertinent information. Find out what is generally considered must include information in this blog post. While discussing couples being kind to their guests, I’m reading more and more that if you receive a wedding invitation it’s good form to send a gift even if you’re unable to attend. I am not at all a fan of this advice – it leads to people feeling pressure to give a gift that is in no way required and a sneaking feeling that there’s a gift grab by padding the guest list – ‘well, they’re having a destination wedding so no-one will actually come but everyone will send presents’.

When the couple does receive all those lovely and thoughtful gifts, you do have to hand-write the thank yous. This has not changed and probably never will. It doesn’t have to be a terrible chore if you break it down and pace yourself – otherwise you’ll probably be waking up screaming from thank you nightmares. Get up to speed with a blog I wrote with the latest on thank you note etiquette and trends.

When you work with me, you not only have gorgeous wedding stationery but you also have someone well versed in many aspects of wedding planning, including etiquette.

Designing an Infographic


Designing an infographic involves a number of skills to display data or information visually. This infographic is for a start-up that brings entrepreneurs together into groups of ten. Each group meets once a month and members act as each other’s Board of Directors. The idea is that you have a group of entrepreneurs dedicated to each others success.

A new member is assigned to a particular group that seems a good fit and given a packet of information on their group. This information includes statistics to show what a valuable resource you have in your group – degrees, years in business etc. It seemed a good idea to display this visually – in an infographic – as well as in tables and words.

I feel that being an entrepreneur like climbing a mountain. I wanted to display the data visually through the metaphor of mountain climbing. What makes this visually fresh is the wonderful etching quality to the mountain. We really wanted to the use bold colors and have the image pop and I think the etching graphic and the black and red color motif create an arresting visual.

An infographic is about imparting information and telling a story. The first thing I wanted to do is underscore the importance of having a team even if you’re a sole entrepreneur – and was excited to find Forbes agreed: a successful entrepreneur [will] pull together and align people and their talents. Forbes’ endorsement of  this company’s strategy gives credence to the whole concept of bringing together entrepreneurs to be a community for each other.

So what do you get in this community? When an entrepreneur joins, it’s important to highlight the team’s strengths – and I did that visually with the rugged red mountain climbers. They illustrate what each member is bringing to your group with revenue, entrepreneurial experience, education and the size of each member’s team.

An infographic should tell as story that is visually outstanding and where the data is accessible. I think this infographic does that well. Let me help you create an infographic.

Designing a Business Card

Designing a Business Card

A talented artist and passionate art educator came to me for help designing a business card for an intensive course at Harvard. There would be educators and artists there – she wanted to hand them something that spoke to her art and who she is.

We discussed this project first on a Wednesday afternoon. It needed to be at the printer’s Friday as the client left for Harvard Sunday. Time to get cracking.

The client’s art is gorgeous. The piece she wanted on her card – World of Tears – is an enamel circle surrounded by aluminum. It is large and beautiful- displayed on the wall. I thought that when designing the business card, we should have the artwork on one side – all by itself. It’s strong and colorful as well as vibrant and luminous. It should speak for itself, not have distracting words next it. The aluminum surround is square – how to work with that when business cards are oblong? I decided to add thin slices of the aluminum at each side. This gave some added texture and movement – even a slight three dimensional effect.

In contrast to the vibrancy of the front, the back is plain typography in a rich color picked out from the enamel. I also added the enamel circle from World of Tears to bring a splash of color and cohesion.

The whole effect is arresting and thoughtful – it captures the client very well. Do you need a design that says who you are? Let me help you evoke your essence.

E-vites for Brunch the Morning After the Wedding

e-vite for a morning after the wedding brunch With family and friends so often far flung around the world, it’s a smashing idea to bring everyone together once more after the wedding – enter the morning brunch. Thinking about e-vites for brunch the morning after the wedding?

I’ve just had such fun creating this luminous e-vite. The wedding colors are blush and gold. We wanted to do something lighthearted and a bit whimsical – festive bubbles fit the bill. The bride and groom live in Denver, so we thought to reflect that by having mountains in the invitation design. The effect is charming and delicate, almost like a charcoal sketch. We played about with using the actual Denver mountain skyline. I really liked the intimacy this gave. evite3We also created a mountain design with more movement. e-vite for a morning after the wedding brunch It was difficult to decide which one to go with as we really liked both designs – each brought something different to the table. It’s surprising how often you can be in two minds about which design to choose. In the end, we decided to use the design that had movement. When thinking about your e-vite for a morning after the wedding brunch, the style and tone could harmonize with the rest of your wedding stationary. Using your wedding colors is a natural.You might also want to be more playful and informal. Another morning after the wedding brunch invitation I designed was able to pick up the hot pink color the bride liked – the invitation itself was traditional calligraphy and the wedding quite formal. It was fun to bring back the exuberant colors with the brunch invitation.  In fact, you can create two different looks – a traditional feel for the wedding invitation, menu, place cards and other day-of stationery. You could then let your hair down – a little or a lot – with the invitation to your shower, brunch and other wedding related events. Let me help you get just the right tone for your morning after brunch invitation.

Classic Invitation Inspirations

I have been very busy this week! This is a great chance to take a look back on some of our classic blog posts, though–just a little late for Throwback Thursday!

DIY Your Own Wedding Monogram or Logo

a wedding monogram

A wedding monogram or logo is a simple visual that identifies you as a couple and creates your own signature for all wedding related goods.  It’s useful for so many things – fun to have on napkins at the wedding and stickers come in very handy for all sorts of things like thank you notes.  The possibilities abound. 

Innovative Paper with Laser Cut Wedding Invitation

hungarian paper folk art with layers of cut paper

There’s so much we can do with paper invitations outside of printing – a laser cut invitations for example. I find this paper Hungarian folk art just gets the ideas flowing. The use of cutting out construction paper, gluing layer on top of layer is simple yet beautiful and arresting. These lovely flowers probably date from the Nineteen Thirties or Nineteen Forties – imagine trying to that with the very gloopy glue and a brush that they had back then!

Elegant Menu for a Wedding


This elegant wedding reception menu will be tucked in each of the guests’ napkins.  The overall effect I created is one of airy, effortless elegance.

Did any of these ideas spark your creativity? Get in touch, and we’ll work together to create something amazing for your wedding, or any occasion!