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Branding with Antonia Designs

Your branding is a custom image that evokes the spirit of your business and your story. It should be personal and unique to you.

Allow me to design what “speaks” the most to you — and of you. This is how your vision will be successfully shared with others. I can highlight your work and what truly makes your business unique in both visuals and text.

Your logo epitomizes your brand, but branding goes beyond your logo. Lets us ensure your look re-enforces your brand and what it represents – whether business, cards, brochures, a list of services, or even an invitation to a book launch.

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Business Cards, Logos, & More

What are you looking to say in your design? Are you looking to be chic and modern, or are you looking for a traditional touch? Did you already have something in mind or are you going into your graphic design process with a blank canvas? Whichever it may be, I can help you realize the kind of imagery you want to represent your business.

When it comes to logo and branding designs, I can walk you through every step from conception to completion. I’ll be there to listen attentively to your ideas and execute them in a manner that matters to you. I’ve worked with numerous clients in a variety of fields, ranging from artists to hairdressers to dog trainers. Every idea, brand, vision is different and requires a unique touch. I’ll be there to guide you while we build inspiration off of one another.

Salon Gerard: An Art Deco Hair Salon

Salon Gerard is in the iconic Art Deco Kennedy Warren apartment building, so Gerard was looking for an Art Deco inspired logo for his hair salon. Gerard had in mind something elegant and high end. We chatted a bit then had a change of direction. Sometimes brainstorming ideas for a design is not linear – you find yourself on a bit of a windy route. The result is sheer elegance. If you would like to read more about this project, I have a detailed blog post describing the beginning to end process.

From Dull to Dynamic – Transform Your Existing Marketing

Perhaps you already have a logo and branding for your business yet feel your marketing materials could do with a new look. I can help you transform them – from business cards, to fliers, to more – into something dynamic and eye catching.

This before and after design project was for Active, Fit and Healthy. Business owner and health coach Jeff was frustrated with the designed flier he received to promote his business. He thought it was a bit static and did not have much “flow” to the design. With a little work, we were able to translate and transform all of the existing information into a new, more exciting design.

Custom & Unique Branding Design at Your Fingertips

Ready to start your custom logo and branding strategy with Antonia Designs? I’ll ensure your logo is readable, fun, and most important of all — unique. I can create an array of designs for business cards, stationary, and other marketing materials. Whether you’re looking for a logo for years to come or one off a one-off promo, I can help you achieve the graphic design that speaks the most about the soul of your projects.

I’ve created a brief video that walks you through how I approach my graphic design and branding projects. You can view it below:

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