Graduation Invitations & Announcements

Brown Graduation Invitation by Antonia Designs

Your darling child is graduating. What an achievement – and something to celebrate.

Naturally, you’ll host a graduation party. You want the invitation not only to express your excitement about the occasion but also to be crystal clear – after all. you could be requesting the guest’s presence at multiple events.

Things to consider:

  • There should be no doubt about the event itself. Specify whether you’re extending an invitation to the graduation ceremony, a large and rambunctious grad party or a simple gathering of close family and friends. You don’t want confusion on this score – reducing uncertainly means you’ll be able to celebrate with those closest to you. It’s embarrassing to turn up in your best party frock, killer heels and pearls to a barbie by the swimming pool. It’s also disappointing to show up without your swimming togs.
  • What is your style for the invitation? Should it include a photo of your illustrious grad? Do you wish it to have some form of ‘Class of 2013’? Should the invitation include something symbolic to your grad’s academic achievement? Perhaps you’re looking for something less concrete that captures the moment? Custom graphic design can capture the style you’re looking for.

A word on graduation announcements.

It is lovely to let your community know of this milestone in your family’s life. Yet it is also imperative to word the announcement so that does not resemble a gift-grab. By the same token, avoid sending a graduation announcement to those you barely know.

Antonia Designs can help you not only have a visually stunning graduation invitation or graduation announcement – but also help you navigate through the surprising tricky etiquette waters involved.

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