Milestone Birthday Invitations


A milestone birthday is a reason to raise a rumpus or raise a glass. After all, as adults we don’t typically celebrate with a spirited game of pin the tail on the donkey and eat  birthday cake with a funny hat. There’s nothing like celebrating a milestone birthday with friends and family. Whether you’re hosting your own party or you’re holding a milestone birthday party for a loved one, let Antonia Designs help you get to grips with your milestone birthday invitations. There are many things to consider.

Venue and Hosting

Where will you hold the party? This has bearing on the invitation wording that is relevant to the etiquette of hosting. It is more than simply telling people where to go! There are different etiquette considerations for wording a milestone birthday party invitation to a backyard bbq or at a restaurant.

Invitation Design

Do you have a theme? Let’s tap into something meaningful.

  • Is there a particular interest you have that can be reflected in the invitation, making it personal? A friend of mine has always been very involved in American Indian causes so a beautiful Native American design would be a natural for her invitation.
  • Do you want to highlight a color? Another friend of mine is passionate about lime green and I can’t imagine any invitation designed for her without that shade.
  • Will you be serving a particular kind of food? Below I highlight the fortieth birthday party invitation for my husband, where we served New Orleanan food. Of course, New Orleans is the invitation’s motif.

Your milestone birthday invitation should be evocative of who you are and delight your guests. Let Antonia Designs help you set the tone.

Brian’s 40th Birthday Party Invitation


My husband Brian loves Karaoke and I love to cook – so we combined the two for a New Orleanean themed bash. The milestone birthday party invitation, aimed for the vibrant, spicy feel that inhabits a city I love. Some inspiration for this invitation came from a mural done by the street artist Banksy. You can find out much more about Banksy here.