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Your wedding invitation should reflect your wedding look and your wedding values. It should be unique – not a design that others use.

As a made to measure service, every project is unique, to capture your one-of-a-kind wedding. Prices start at $900 for 100 invitations with response cards and envelopes. I also offer additional packages to suit your needs.

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You can view a video I have prepared which details the steps related to my Wedding stationary design by clicking here.

Your Bespoke Vision

I aim to take your particular style and your conception of your wedding and bring it to reality. I can breathe life into your wedding invitation, whether you’ve got a vague idea or a detailed, grandiose idea for what you would like. When your invitation is opened by your recipients, I want them to hold the essence of your wedding in their hand — and I know you do, too. Your Antonia Designs bespoke paper delights will capture the spirit of your celebration with memorable verve and flair.



Art Deco Invitation Suite Mood BoardYour wedding invitation sets the tone of your wedding and tells your guests what to expect. Your wedding is a special, memorable day, and I know it’s important to you to get every detail right. You want every aspect of your wedding and your invitation design to speak from your heart. There are countless choices for your wedding invitation designs, so I understand it can be difficult to see your end design clearly.

There are many enticing paths when it comes to wedding design. It is helpful to have an experienced and open minded guide to help you. One of my strengths as a graphic designer is listening to guide you through the heartbeat of your wedding — the true essence of your design — and capturing it in your invitation. Whether your ideas are vague or developed, I can articulate your vision in a way that best suits you.

Seeking what’s right for you

There are many avenues when it comes to wedding invitations and design, and a traditional wedding suite is an excellent path to follow. I know you may not want to follow a traditional path, however, and you may be more apt to follow a contemporary or non-traditional design route. From traditional wedding invitation suites to contemporary designs such as die-cut metal invitations, I want to make your look something special. Whether you want an elegant one-page invitation or you want a traditional wedding invitation suite, I can do it all.




What are you looking to say?

In our wedding invitation I sought to express a warmth and connectedness – something that was important to us as we thought about what our wedding, and marriage itself, meant to us. We carried a silver color in the invitation through various aspects of the wedding as a unifying feature and combined my Hungarian heritage as well as my husband’s Irish heritage into a motif for our wedding rings to create a visual symbol of the ‘marriage’ of our cultures.

Your wedding themes might be similar — or very different! The important thing is for your invitations and other stationery to reflect your wedding, and your marriage.

Same-Sex Wedding Invitations for Same Sex Marriages

You know you love each other, and I know you do, too. A wedding is a beautiful ceremony celebrating the love that two individuals have for each other. Whether you aim to create a traditional wedding experience with your union or otherwise, I can be there to help guide you and visually interpret your aesthetic for your cards, stationary, invitations, and more. I can help you explore a visual expression of love between a man and his husband or a woman and her wife, while making sure your recipients know exactly your message.

What kind of style embraces your lifestyle? Are you a “rugged” couple, or perhaps more romantic? Are you looking for a masculine card or a feminine one? Regardless of your style decision, gender identity, or orientation, I can help you get from start to finish and create a one-of-a-kind wedding set that suits you and your beloved.


When planning your wedding, you seek to make the best decisions you can, ones that reveal the heart of who you are and symbolize what’s important to you on your wedding day as well as every day of your marriage. This should translate into your invitation.

You will find that there are unexpected joys along the way. From heartwarming and charming RSVP notes sent via email to handwritten congratulatory notes and warm wishes from your friends and family, you’ll be sure to reap the rewards of elegant wedding invitation design. I know you’ll be happy with the end product — and ultimately with your wedding — so let’s get started on your wedding design today!

As Seen in Weddings Illustrated

I know your personal style is important, and a unique, custom design is essential to your wedding design plans. That’s why I was chosen to be featured in Weddings Illustrated with my die-cut metal wedding invitations. I can create something similar or something wildly different for you — just ask!

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